Play Miles

Let's Play!

Earn Play Miles toward discounts and free shipping. Join our loyalty rewards program today! 

Step 1: Sign Up
Create your loyalty rewards account here.

Step 2: Earn Play Miles
Earn Play Miles every time you shop or share/like us on social media.

Step 3: Redeem
Redeem your Play Miles for discounts and free shipping!

How to Redeem Your Play Miles

Once you've earned some Play Miles, you can redeem them with any purchase! All you need to do is apply your Play Miles at checkout.

600 Play Miles = $6 Coupon
900 Play Miles = Free Shipping*
1000 Play Miles = $10 Coupon
1500 Play Miles = 10% Off
2000 Play Miles = $20 Coupon

*up to a maximum shipping amount of $9.00 




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