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Baby Robot Explains... Rocket Science - Things They Love

Baby Robot Explains... Rocket Science

DK Children
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This fun first board book shows it's never too early - or late! - to learn about big ideas and build confidence in science.

Just like your little one, Baby Robot is a brilliant scientist in the making. He wants to know how to fly to the Moon, so Rose-bot tells him about rocket science.

Based on his firsthand experiences, Baby Robot has imaginative ideas for how he could get to space. Rose-bot explains why he can't climb there, or fly in a plane, helicopter, or balloon. She knows you need a rocket to fly to the Moon, and she tells Baby Robot all about how space rockets work.

Baby Robot Explains... Rocket Science is the perfect way to bring science to life for little ones. Humorous illustrations and a read-aloud, picture book story are combined with very simple scientific explanations - written with the help of science consultant Lisa Burke - to make the topic accessible.

The first title in a series of science, technology, engineering, and math books for babies (and anyone else, young or old, who wants to know about these amazing subjects), Baby Robot Explains... Rocket Science teaches children science vocabulary, develops their thinking skills and problem solving, and builds their confidence in science - ready for a lifetime of fun and fascinating STEM learning, and even a cool STEM career.

DK. | DK Children
8"W x 8"H x 0.39"D   | 10 oz | 24 per carton
On sale Apr 07, 2020 | 22 Pages | 978-1-4654-9055-1
Age 0-3 years | Up to Preschool


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