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Castle Set (ETA Early Oct)

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The 16 parts of our Knight’s Castle can be used to create all kinds of castle complexes. The Castle is perfectly complemented by our Toy Village and toy figures. Made of oiled alder-wood.

Two towers: 25 x 6 x 6 cm
Two towers: 21 x 6 x 6 cm
1 tower/arch: 16 x 15 x 4.5 cm
1 tower/arch with window: 15 x 15 x 4.5 cm
2 flights of stairs: 9 x 12 x 4.5 cm
2 walls: 15 x 15 x 4.5 cm

1 big wall with archway: 20 x 4.5 x 14 cm
1 big wall with window and secret passage: 20 x 4.5 x 14 cm 2 small walls with archway: 10 x 4.5 x 14 cm
2 small walls with arrow slit: 10 x 4.5 x 14 cm

Gnomes not included.



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