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Outside Art

Outside Art

Tundra Books
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Join a curious pack of woodland animals as they try to understand what art is and create their own in this beautiful, playful picture book.

Pine Marten loves watching Human doing peculiar things in its log nest in the woods. One day, she notices Human putting colors on a board using a furry stick. Pine Marten learns from Chickadee that Human is actually "an artist" and is busy "making art." But what is art?

Soon all of the animals in the forest are wondering: why is Human doing this? Is it a warning? Is it looking for a mate? Is there any meaning at all? And if Human can make "art," why can't the animals do it too?

Outside Art is a gorgeous and gently humorous exploration of art, creativity and nature by up-and-coming author-illustrator Madeline Kloepper.
$18.99 US
Tundra | Tundra Books
48 Pages | 978-0-7352-6419-9
Age 4-8 years | Preschool - 3
Reading Level: Lexile AD570L




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