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Folium Puzzles

Folium Puzzles

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Folium, the second material of the Arboleda family. A natural alder leaf / puzzle, made up of a series of different tree leaves made by hand and each one in its corresponding wood.

It is available in two versions, one with the leaves of trees from our forests (pine, juniper, oak, beech and ash) and another version with fruit trees (pear, apple, cherry, olive and walnut), although we can replace them with others in function of the wood stock that we have at all times.

You can also select the language for the names of the trees.

Teach children to recognize the trees in your environment by examining their leaves. We have tried to respect its shape and proportions to the maximum.

 It is available in two versions:

 Fruit trees: Cherry, Apple, Pear, Olive and Walnut.

 Trees of our forests: Pine, Oak, Sabina, Ash and Beech.


Data sheet

Recommended Age: From 2 years
Wood Used: Alder Base
Dimensions: Base 26 x 26 cm.
Dimensions: Box 28,5x28,5x5,5cm
Dimensions: Leaf between 4 and 8 cm approx.
Total Number Of Pieces: 6
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