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Gateway Stacker Rainbow

Gateway Stacker Rainbow

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Pyramid building kit is manufactured of solid birch wood and coloured with safe Biofa wax.

You and your kid could build a tower because each item stands well on another. Use kit parts to gain the balance, build role games backstage — bridges for cars to ride on or ships to sail below, stairs for dolls to walk up and down. Your kid's imagination will give even more ideas.

Natural abstract shape of the pyramid helps to improve your kid tactual sensation and piece out that lack of natural non-symmetry we all feel in our urban life.

In contrast with common building kits the Waldorf-style kits don't have fixing elements so they teach your kid to build structures based only on balance and gravity feeling. This is the best approach for toddlers whose small hands are not able yet to attach one part to another but they are already skilled enough to build a tower or a wall.

The pyramid consists of 7 parts so you can start teaching your baby to count them and to compare their sizes. Large and smooth items are comfortable both for kids and for adults.

Feel free to add Waldorf-style toys in your baby's toy box!

While playing with wooden toys your kid touches and feels natural materials, develops the sense of touch and fine motor skills. The roundish shapes and smooth surface texture make the toys absolutely safe for your children.

Fine motor skills development also have positive influence to the following skills of your baby:
— logical thinking;
— accuracy of movements;
— orientation (helps to understand such categories as 'up', 'down', 'left', 'right');
— self care habit;
— hand readiness for drawing and writing.

Toy size:
5.6" х 4,2" х 1" /14 х 10,5 х 2,2 cm

Our toys have been handcrafted of solid wood. Their colour and wood texture may slightly differ from that you can see on the pictures.

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