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Montessori Infant Wooden Pull-Up Bar

Montessori Infant Wooden Pull-Up Bar

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Around the time that infants begin to attempt pulling up, this Montessori tool can be used.  Usually this begins from 8-10 months old.  The pull-up bar is a safe place for the infant to practice pulling up and cruising.  Infants gain such satisfaction from pulling up and seeing their reflection.  Many infants repeat the exercise again and again.  This product is ideal when infants first begin bearing their weight on their own until they are proficient at walking.  The bar itself is 1 inch wide-the perfect size for little hands to fit around.   Screws, sheetrock anchors, and instructions for hanging are all included.  The holes are even pre-drilled.  All you have to do is hang.  Always use sheetrock anchors when not hanging into the wall studs.  This will prevent the bar from pulling out of the sheetrock.  Wood types and wood colors will vary depending upon availability. 

+Mirror not included.

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