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Let's Investigate Fossils - Tactile Stones

Let's Investigate Fossils - Tactile Stones

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A fantastic early STEM resource to inspire children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Fossils intrigue young children and they will delight in discovering and examining this set of eight realistic and tactile specimens, including ammonite, clam shell, fern leaf, preserved leaves, sea urchin, shark’s tooth, shrimp and trilobite. Made from a unique stone mix, they are robust enough to be used throughout an early childhood evironment, both inside and outdoors. Designed to fit snugly in small inquisitive hands, these fossils (3–3.5’’) have huge potential for discovery and storytelling and provide a great springboard to further activities.

Correlation to Common Core: SL.K.1.

Correlation to ECERS-R: Language-Reasoning – 16, 17; Activities – 19, 22, 23, 25.

Correlation to ITERS-R: Listening and Talking – 12, Activities – 15, 22.


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