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Miniland Dolls of The World 15"

Miniland Dolls of The World 15"

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At Miniland we have one objective. Have little ones’ talents shine in an adventure into the future where learning and creativity flow with a unique energy full of joy.

We are here to accompany you along this journey, the one of discovery, to push little one’s talent to its full potential and inspiring them to do their very best.

With our doll collection, we will help little ones understand their own emotions, values of inclusivity and coexistence through fun and play.

Every single one of our dolls is handmade in Spain. They are soft and they have defined features.

They are anatomically correct, which means that they look exactly the same as real babies and they help children learn about their differences and similarities, thus promoting empathy and their acceptance of people of any race, gender or condition.

All dolls are 15" and come in a box with a undershirt and underwear set as seen in the photos. 

All other dolls are available for special order please reach out to if there is a doll you want but do not see. 

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