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Montessori Disc Horizontal Stacker

Montessori Disc Horizontal Stacker

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This is a classic Montessori material meant to be used with children 12-18 months. This stacking material helps the child to develop hand-eye coordination and develops his/her grasp. These types of toys assist in developing pre-writing skills, as well. This horizontal dowel helps develop a slightly different grasp than a traditional stacking toy, and it creates an added challenge for the child.

This toy comes standard with 3 rings in cherry (darker, reddish) wood. The inner hole of these rings is tighter than the hole on the maple (light wood) rings shown on the last photo. The rings can be interchanged so that the child can use the maple rings until his/her grasp is refined enough to be successful with the cherry rings.

Unlike other stacking toys that have multiple colors, shapes, and sizes on the same toy, this stacking toy isolates the particular skill of placing the disc on the dowel by keeping the shapes and colors constant. Our rings are not stained or dyed in any way. The color of the wood is the natural wood tone of the species. The rings are 2'' wide; large enough not to be a choking hazard.

The base of this toy is made with solid maple. It is finished with our sunflower oil and beeswax blend.

The dimensions of this toy are 4.5'' X 5.5'' on the base and 4.5'' tall.

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