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Montessori Size Discrimination Block

Montessori Size Discrimination Block

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This size discrimination cylinder block is perfect for toddlers 12 months and up. It is meant to be used after the child has mastered the pincer and palmar blocks.

The size discrimination block contains three varying width cylinders for toddlers to practice matching the correct width cylinder with its matching spot. We have used three cylinders in the block so as not to frustrate a young toddler who is just beginning to practice these skills. There is only one variable (width)---the depth is kept uniform. These blocks are also great fine motor practice for a toddler.

We also offer a depth discrimination cylinder block. Introduce each block separately first, then introduce them together for a greater challenge. This is the perfect precursor for a toddler to the standard Montessori cylinder blocks that are introduced later.

We have made sure that all the cylinders are large enough not to be a choking hazard, but always make sure the knobs are secure as they would be considered a small part should they come loose. Always test the knobs prior to introducing to make sure they are secure.

Blocks are made with either oak (pictured) or cherry as supply dictates. Cylinders are made of maple. Cylinders vary in size from 1.75 inches wide to 1.25 inches wide. Sealed only with our natural beeswax and olive oil mixture.

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