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Nativity Scene - 14 figures

Nativity Scene - 14 figures

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This is a Cavern Nativity Scene wooden toys set that includes 14 figures (Joseph, Maria, Baby Jesus, Cradle, Boy Shepherd, Old Shepherd, Bended-knee Shepherd, Standing Donkey, Lying Donkey, Sheep, Angel, and THREE Kings).

This set is for 2 years old kids and older.
Сolourizing makes surfaces of the toys a little bit rough, enhances natural texture and fibers of the wood. This is safe and normal and makes the toys interesting to touch.

The toys are manufactured of solid birch wood, coloured with water-based paint that makes the paint semi-transparent to keep wood texture visible and covered with harmless water-based lacker to prevent the paint from fading out. The colours are natural and comfortable.

The toys set could be an ideal part of a game playground on a table, on a floor or in a sandbox. All items stand still on a flat surface.

Wood is possibly the best material to make toys, it is hard and durable, naturally warm and nice to touch. The material helps to compensate for the lack of nature that all of us feel in everyday urban life.

You can clean painted toys with a slightly wet cloth. Please don't wash them to prevent water-based paint from fading and washing out. Our toy's are handmade that's why they may look a little bit different from those you see on the photos so each one is unique.

Toys' sizes:

Joseph: 10,5cm x 5cm / 4.1'' x 2''
Maria: 9cm x 5cm / 3.5'' x 2''
Baby Jesus with the Cradle: 4cm x 6,5cm / 1.6'' x 2.6''
Boy Shepherd: 8cm x 4.5cm / 3.1'' x 1.8''
Old Shepherd: 9.5cm x 6.5cm / 3.7'' x 2.6''
Bended-knee Shepherd: 7.5cm x 7cm / 3'' x 2.8''
Standing Donkey: 7cm x 7cm / 2.8'' x 2.8''
Lying Donkey: 6cm x 6.5cm / 2.4'' x 2.6''
Sheep: 3,5cm x 5,5cm / 1.4'' x 2.2''
Angel: 10cm x 6cm / 3.9'' x 2.4''
Kings: 10cm x 7,5 cm / 3.9'' x 3'' (every single one)

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