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Tonies - Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet

Tonies - Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet

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Welcome to the imaginative brain of Omar! Omar and his family have just moved, and he is NOT excited about starting at a new school. What if the work is too hard or the kids are mean or the teacher is a zombie alien?! But when Omar makes a new best friend, things start looking up. That is, until a Big Mean Bully named Daniel makes every day a nightmare! Luckily, Omar’s enormous imagination and goofy family help him get through life’s ups and downs.

This Tonie teaches kids about:


  • Different cultures and religions
  • Being true to yourself
  • Positivity


1. Planet Omar, Book 1

Total Run Time: 109 minutes

Narrated by Waleed Akhtar

Penguin Random House
©2020 Zanib Mian (P)2020 Listening Library

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