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Wooden Hammer

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Our handmade hammers are designed to be small enough for little hands but sturdy enough to withstand play.  They are made from various reclaimed hardwoods and Tasmanian oak, are well-sanded and finished with tung oil.  They measure approx 17cm long.

Our products are designed to be played with.  As such, it is likely your hammer will scratch or possibly dent, if used with force, on a hard surface.  If you would prefer to avoid this, we recommend using them with soft sensory bases, like playdough or air dry clay, for some gentle fine motor practice.  We also recommend sanding your tools as required (with fine grit sand paper) and conditioning them with our Beeswax Wood Balm.

The hammers are pictured here with our handmade chisels, which can be purchased separately.

Please note, hammer head and chisel timber colours may differ and are dependent on which reclaimed hardwoods we can source.

Recommended age 3+. Use under adult supervision. Not recommended for use as a teething or chew toy.



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