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Lucky Charm Set (ETA APRIL)

Lucky Charm Set (ETA APRIL)

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These lucky charms are hand crafted with all the love for your babes! They are made from chunky solid poplar wood and are of non-choking hazard size. They are colored using all natural food grade stains that have been specifically tested by a 3rd party lab for use on toys. The clouds on the Rainbow and the Lucky Clover are finished with a frosted glaze that gives them the perfect amount of shimmer when moving them around. Included: 3 four-leaf clovers, 1 shamrock, 1 rainbow, and a muslin bag for storage.  Sizes (approximate): Four-Leaf Clovers: 2.5” X 2.”25 X .75" Lucky Clover: 3” X 2.75” X .75" Rainbow: 4" X 2.5" X .75" While these lucky charms are sealed with a water based sealant and use non-toxic materials, they are not intended to be played with by babes who are still mouthing things. If they get too wet from either water or a baby's saliva, the color may transfer. Only one coat of stain is used on the colored hearts so the grain still shows through. Stain adheres based on the wood characteristics, so it will not be an even coverage as if they were painted. It adds a bit of whimsy and character to them, and makes them truly unique, just like your little one. Please note, the colors may appear different than they do on your screen due to variations with computer screens. Wren & Mae Creations, LLC is not responsible for any misuse of this product. 
 Meet CPSC Safety Requirements Age: 3+

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