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Wooden Caterpillar

Mushroom with a Screw

Mushroom with a Screw

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Any baby loves to twist or to untwist items. These movements help to developthe wrist and hand, not just the fingers only. We offer to acquire this wooden mushroom with a screwthat is liked by children for the ability to perform such manipulations. Twisting and untwisting this wooden mushroom, your baby improves hand eye coordination, fine motor skill, learns to understand measurements and even to achieve goals and develop patience.

The mushroom with a screw will be of use even when baby grows up. It is a perfect nutcracker! You should just place a nut into the mushroom and start twisting its cap.

The product can differ a bit from the one displayed on the picture. Each handmade toy is unique.

Material beechwood
Dimensions 10cm/3.93 inches
Age 2+ years

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