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Halloween - Pumpkin Alpaca Basket

Halloween - Pumpkin Alpaca Basket

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Pumpkin Alpaca has a wicked sense of bravery, knowing that worries and fears are always normal, especially in the Halloween season. 

Whether your child is unsure about the traditions of Halloween or second-guessing their costume, you can help them confidently embrace their big feelings, cope with self-doubt, and discover their inner bravery with the support of Pumpkin Alpaca.

Purchase Pumpkin Alpaca comes with 

“The Costume Comeback at the Monster Ball" book 

The Pumpkin Hedgehog

Special Edition Basket

This Halloween, Pumpkin Hedgehog is dressed to impress! Cute, compact, and oh-so-cuddly, this mini is small enough to come along for all of the Halloween errands and festivities.

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