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Triceratops Puzzle

Triceratops Puzzle

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Handmade wooden puzzle "Triceratops" from
The Skandico wooden toys workshop🌟

Handmade wooden puzzle Triceratops” is made in the shape of a colorful Triceratops.

It is possible to build wonderful buildings not only from standard geometric blocks as in the usual building block sets consisting of: cylinders, triangles and cubes... Develop skills of balance and imagination together with your child, playing with the wooden puzzle “Triceratops".

THE WOODEN PUZZLE "Triceratops" will be send to you in a special wooden round frame, so that your children can easily assemble a puzzle and keep it beautifully framed in between the games.

Every piece of THE WOODEN PUZZLE "Triceratops" is made by hands from the beautiful Russian linden, has rounded edges, is covered with eco-friendly waterbased German colors. We do not use oilbased colors and lots of laque so we carefully keep the wood texture beeing seen under our paint.

Children can see, touch and feel beautiful, velvet and warm texture of the natural Wood which THE WOODEN PUZZLE "Triceratops" is made from.

THE WOODEN PUZZLE "Triceratops" helps every child to increase his imagination, balance skills, motor skills of his hands, creativity, science of beauty.Every piece of the construction puzzle Triceratops is handmade from the beautiful Russian linden, has rounded edges and it is covered with eco-friendly German-made colored water-based colors "Biofa".

In addition to receiving visual pleasure from our toys, every child will feel the velvety texture of wood, its warmth and natural strength.

🌿The Diameter of the puzzle is 38 cm , thickness is 3 cm.
🌿Material - Russian linden.
🌿Paint (coating) - Water-based colored colors (Germany).
🌿 Made in Russia from Great Russian wood with love and soul

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