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Wooden Caterpillar

Wooden Pig & Piglet

Wooden Pig & Piglet

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This wooden pig & piglet toys would be a great addition to any Waldorf nature table or play space.

Pigs are playful, pigs are pink
Pigs are smarter than you think.
Pigs are slippery, pigs are stout
Pigs have noses called a snout.
Pigs are pudgy, pigs are plump
Pigs can run but never jump.
Pigs are loyal, pigs are true.
Pigs don’t care for Barbecue.

(By Charles Guigna)

This toy will help you child to develop his imagination, to learn names of the domestic animals, colors etc.

The price is for 1 animal figurine.

SIZE: 12 x 6cm/ 4,72'' x 2,36'', width is 18mm/0,71''

MATERIALS UTILISED: ashwood, organic linseed oil, non-toxic paints

AGE: 3+ years
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