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Feast of Nature

Feast of Nature

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Crafted from a unique stone composite, this set of exquisite sculptures is a wonderfully tactile invitation to sensory play. Children will enjoy exploring and sorting the different shapes by color, texture and weight. Durable for use indoors and outside, including in sand, soil, mud and water, this is a versatile resource to promote investigation and language development.

The set contains: acorn, squash, raspberry, blueberry, mushroom, pine cone, apple and pear (approx. 2 inches). Age 2+.

Correlation to Common Core: SL.K.1, L.K.5a, K.MD.B.3.

Correlation to ECERS-R: Language-Reasoning – 17, Activities – 19, 22, 25.

Correlation to ITERS-R: Activities – 15, 22.

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